Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Little Shining Star

Josie is a little shining star, that's her dance song for her first recital.  It is indeed recital season, and lots of excitement has been involved as we lead up to this Saturday. 

Try as I might to explain what she's going to be doing on Saturday under the big lights on a big stage with a BIG audience, I don't know that she's understanding of what it will be like   Her group of  "shining stars" are all the same age group, same antics, same attention spans.  For the fact that I know and have seen the routine informally at least 100 times, I can imagine the potentially adorable show that is ahead of us.  

But there's an even greater chance they all get on stage and go completely blank with fear, confusion, intimidation or just plain silliness from having to sit quietly for 1-2 hours back stage before going on. 

 These photos are from last week's dress rehearsal, brimmed with excitement as full makeup was required.  After admiring my "painted eyes" for so long, Josie finally had painted eyes of her own, with blush and pink lipstick to boot! 

And maybe the most important piece of all, the ballet bun. Not an easy feat with whispy four year old hair, but we nailed it!  It stayed perfectly in place the entire day, so I'm relieved to think it has a prayer of surviving back stage butterflies through to the finale. 

Break a leg, baby...

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  1. What a beautiful little dancer! I'm sure it was a great show!!