Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happenings in July

My quick little update on the happenings around here lately.  

The twins turned 11 months old and the party planning is in full swing.  Josie is super disappointed it's not her birthday first, but I think she's going to have more fun at the 1st birthday than anyone else.   Alivia at 11 months old is sweet as could be, and a mama's girl most definitely.  Her bottom two teeth finally popped in and she was none to happy about it.  It was a rough couple days, but now her little toothy grin is adorable.  My girls had a bout of sickness requiring doctor visits, so I know they're 18lbs and growing quickly.  I expect at their one year checkup they'll be on the normal growth curve and holding their own. 

Alivia 11 mo

Josie can't wait to be 5, she talks about it all the time. She's also full of sass, bossiness, and then there's the crying.  I reminded her 5 year olds don't throw fits and if she can't act 5, we just can't have a party.  That usually works to snap her out of it, but sometimes not.  She's a handful, but a handful that I know will serve her well someday.

 Annalise at 11 months lead the pair in popping in the teeth, and was equally unhappy about it.  We're getting some mumblings of "mama" and "dada", but we assume it isn't exactly directed at us yet.  Soon we hope.
Annalise 11 mo

We've been brave lately, taking day trips and enjoying the summer.  Taking twins anywhere is a handful, but worth our efforts to have all the kids see and do fun things.  Our couple trips to the beach were a lot of fun!  Josie is the perfect age to enjoy wading in the water without too much worry (we're very close by), and the babies hate the sand so they stay put on the blanket and actually prefer the beach chairs.  They're happy as clams just watching all the people.  Huge bonus, the arrival home is always met with a good bath and long naps.

Josie buried waist deep by dad. That's one way to have her stay put ;) And if life wasn't hectic enough around here, we decided chickens would make a great addition to our brood. Little Ms. below will one day be laying blue eggs, with the rest of our chic family laying brown eggs.  They're proving fun to watch, quirky personalities, easy to care for, and a lot of fun for Josie and the other kiddos around here.  So we patiently wait for fall to arrive so we can be on the look out for our first eggs! 

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  1. so hard to believe the girls are almost a year old!

    and jealous of the chickens - that's on my someday list. :)