Monday, June 10, 2013

At 10 Months

Ahhhh ten months.  The big first birthday is looming on the horizon and I'm trying to soak up all the babiness I can for as long as possible.  Here are my girls at 10 months (only a few days late)....  

Alivia, Livie, Livs and many other combos, my smiley sweet little girl.  While she's on the go go go, Annalise just enjoys the view.  We've unfortunately been to the doctor recently for persistent runny nose and goopy eyes, so I know she's currently 17.5 lbs!  And she's my babbler, there are some "mama" and "dada" sounds in there, but nothing we can truly say is a first word.   Sleep, ever so elusive... some nights good, some nights bad. It all blurs together anymore, I can't say Alivia or Annalise is a better sleeper b/c every night is different and luckily it's usually one or the other that's a stinker and up for some reason.  Thankfully it's not usually both on the same night. 

Annalise&Alivia - 10 mo

Annalise, Lise, Lili any variation thereof - my goofy girl.  She's fun, funny always ready for a play date.  I love her sideways smile, her smirk.  She largely watches contently as Alivia crawls around the house.  When she does get in crawl position we get excited and cheer her on.  But as of today she just flops down on her belly and goes into army crawl.  But don't be fooled, she's fast - sometimes faster than Alivia.  Who knows, maybe she'll never be a crawler. 


It's time for us to take a look around the house and sort through Josie's toys that come will a million and one little pieces and put them away somewhere safe.  And the basement door, have to remind ourselves over and over again we have to keep it closed.  The baby gates never came down from Josie, so those are up and ready to go.  The cribs have been lowered a notch as the girls are getting stronger and stronger, yet they aren't pulling up to standing yet - it's not too far off.  Especially for Alivia. 
95 out of 100 photos are mostly like this :)

"No no Annalise...."

In this 10th month, they're back together in the same room again.  Through so many months of sleep experimenting, crying it out, colds, etc... we've had Annalise in a crib in the play room at night and nap time.  Knowing I didn't want this to go on forever, I want them to share a room, we put them back in the same room a few weeks ago.  Interestingly enough, this has been great!  If one is up in the middle of the night, the other sleeps through the noise unbothered.  Naps are a different story, and we nap them separately.  But night time success! Now we just need to keep them asleep for 10 ideal hours so this mama can get some sleep.



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  1. They are growing up and changing SO fast!!! It's amazing how much they look like their daddy!!! Precious!